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Effective January 1st, 2024 credentials recognized by SCRID or SCAD are required to work in the following settings: SC Government/Constitutional Agencies, SC Judicial Department, Police Stations, State & County Detention Centers, Public Colleges & Universities, Commission on Higher Education, and Hospitals/Facilities Regulated by DHEC. ASL Interpreters and hiring entities need to ensure that they meet these legal requirements before accepting/assigning a job. 

Current SCRID/SCAD recognized credentials are highlighted below in blue. For more information on the Sign Language Interpreters Act click here

Written/Knowledge Tests (Prerequisites for performance tests):

NIC Knowledge Exam (National Interpreter Certification Knowledge Exam)

CGKE CS (CASLI Case Studies Exam - Ethical Decision Making & Cultural Responsiveness)

EIPA WT (Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment Written Test) 

Community Credentials

BEI Basic (Board of Evaluation of Interpreters: Basic)

BEI I (Board of Evaluation of Interpreters: I)

BEI II (Board of Evaluation of Interpreters: II)

BEI III (Board of Evaluation of Interpreters: III)

BEI Intermediary III-V (Board of Evaluation of Interpreters Intermediary levels III-V)

BEI IV (Board of Evaluation of Interpreters: IV)

BEI V (Board of Evaluation of Interpreters: V)

BEI: Medical (Board of Evaluation of Interpreters: Medical Interpreter)

BEI:A (Board of Evaluation of Interpreters: Advanced)

BEI:M (Board of Evaluation of Interpreters: Master)

CDI (Certified Deaf Interpreter)

CDI-P (Certified Deaf Interpreter Provisional)

CI (Certificate of Interpretation)

CLIP (Conditional Legal Interpreting Permit)

CLIP-R (Conditional Legal Interpreting Permit-Relay)

CSC (Comprehensive Skills Certificate)

CT (Certificate of Transliteration)

Ed: K-12 (Educational Certificate: K-12)

IC (Interpretation Certificate)

MCSC (Master Comprehensive Skills Certificate)

NAD III (National Association of the Deaf: Advanced)

NAD IV (National Association of the Deaf: Master)

NAD V (National Association of the Deaf: General)

NIC (National Interpreter Certification)

NIC:A (National Interpreter Certification Advanced)

NIC:M (National Interpreter Certification Master)

Prov. SC:L (Provisional Specialist Certificate: Legal)

QMHI (Qualified Mental Health Interpreter)

QMHI-S (Qualified Mental Health Interpreter - Supervisor)

RSC (Reverse Skills Certificate)

SC:L (Specialist Certificate: Legal)

TC (Transliteration Certificate)

K-12 Credentials

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