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Nominees for President:

Mary Beth Grayson

Mary Beth Grayson has served on the SC RID Board of Directors as your Vice President during the 2016-2018 term. She considers it an honor and a privilege to be nominated for the position of President for the 2018-2020 term. As President she aspires to provide the best support, resources, and trainings possible to interpreters statewide while also developing additional partnerships. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Kentucky University in ASL and English Interpretation and is a nationally certified member of RID. Mary Beth has worked full time as a staff interpreter at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind Division of Outreach Services Interpreting Department for the last five years in a variety of settings and also works part time in VRS. The Deaf community has strongly shaped her as a professional interpreter and as a person. She remains involved in her local Deaf community and desires to continue building trust and relationships among its members and our interpreting professionals. Mary Beth lives in Spartanburg with her husband, dog and cat. In her spare time she enjoys experimenting with new recipes, traveling, trying new coffee shops and camping. She looks forward to serving the SC RID membership, as President, to the best of her ability.

Nominees for Vice President:

Katie Reininger

Katie Reininger is a native of Michigan but calls Columbia, SC home. She learned ASL from Deaf friends as a teen and has been an interpreter for over 10 years. She's worked in a variety of settings including K-12, VRS, and community work. She holds an EIPA certification (4.1) as well the NIC and currently works for DEAFinitely Taking Requests, a local interpreting agency. When not working, Katie enjoys training jiu jitsu and kickboxing and spending time with her family.

Jason Hurdich

Jason Hurdich, Deaf native ASL signer hails from New York City. He attended the Lexington School for the Deaf as a toddler to valedictorian. Mr. Hurdich has instructed college level ASL and interpreting classes for twenty-five years, starting while still working on his BA degree in Political Science at Boston University. Mr. Hurdich received the Master of Education degree in Signed Language Interpretation from the University of North Florida in 2013.  Mr. Hurdich is a Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf (RID) Certified Deaf Interpreter. Mr. Hurdich is the only Deaf and ASL fluent person in the world to be certified in Facial Action Coding System (FACS). In 1996, he received the Boston’s Citizen Award: “For Outstanding Contributions towards the Quality of Life for Deaf and Hard-of- Hearing Youth; and for Promoting Deaf Awareness in the City of Boston,” Mr. Hurdich has been involved in advocacy work for the Deaf and interpreting communities for his entire life starting the steps to passage of recognition of American Sign Language at Boston University. He also has been mentoring interpreting students and interpreters since 2001 leading many interpreters going on to receive national certification. He was selected as the 2017 winner of Marie Griffin Interpreter of The Year Award by Southeast Region Institute of Deafness recognizing his outstanding service to the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind community for the higher efforts in making communication more accessible and increasing awareness for the need of better communication. In his free time, Mr. Hurdich enjoys being around his four children, taking in a sports game, and taking in sights of our beautiful state. 

Nominees for Secretary:

Jessica Moss

Jessica Moss is running for the position of Secretary for the 2018-2020 SC RID Board of Directors. She has been currently serving as your Student Member at Large IP Liaison for the 2016-2018 term. Jessica lives in Blacksburg, SC with her husband and two dogs. Since serving on the board, Jessica has graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelors of Arts in Modern Languages with an emphasis in American Sign Language, and also completed their Educational K-12 Interpreting program. Jessica works at the South Carolina School for Deaf and Blind Division of Outreach Interpreting Services as a full time staff interpreter. She currently holds an EIPA score of 3.7, and is continuing to pursue National Certification through RID by having already passed the written examination, and now preparing for the performance exam this upcoming year. She is eager to be a candidate for the Secretary position because she wants to use the knowledge gained during her previous term as well as knowledge gained from the 2018-2020 board members, to grow and better the Interpreting and Deaf Community of South Carolina. Outside of interpreting, Jessica enjoys spending time with her friends and family, traveling with her husband, and hiking local trails. Her hopes are that as your Secretary she will be able to use her knowledge and skills to be sure that each need is met, to have open communication with members when needed, and to be sure that as a board member and fellow interpreter of South Carolina, that SC RID’s goal of continued growth and development of our profession is achieved. She is thankful for the opportunity to serve you for the 2016-2018 term as Student Member at Large IP Liaison, and the chance to serve as your 2018-2020 SC RID Secretary. 

Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker began learning sign language vocabulary at an early age from her mother, an interpreter, and grew to love and learn from the Deaf Community around her in Northern New Jersey. After moving to North Carolina in 1999, then moving to South Carolina in 2008, Sarah continued seeking immersion into the Deaf world by interacting with the Deaf Community and receiving mentoring from certified interpreters. Sarah began interpreting under the supervision of certified interpreters and mentors while earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language & Literature from Bob Jones University. Sarah thoroughly enjoyed the rigorous course work in English linguistics at Bob Jones University and ASL linguistics and interpreting theory at Gardner-Webb University. After completing her degree and student interpreting years at BJU in 2013, her friends in the Deaf Community encouraged Sarah to pursue a career in interpreting. After working for a year as a freelance interpreter, Sarah participated in a 6-week intensive training program and accepted a full-time VRS position with Purple Communications in 2014. Recently promoted in 2018, she now serves as a recruiter in the Interpreter Recruiting Department. Outside of working hours, Sarah hosts and attends local Deaf events and silent dinners, attends a Deaf church, and enjoys sharing hobbies with her husband Bryan and spending Saturdays at the dog park with their two dogs, Nikolai and Edward. Sarah is honored to be considered once again to serve on the SC RID Board of Directors after serving two years as the SC RID Board of Directors Member-at-Large from 2016-2018 and is excited to see what the upcoming years hold for our Deaf and Interpreting Communities in South Carolina!

Nominees for Treasurer:

Moriah Oswald

I am originally from Michigan and came to the South to attend Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina. I graduated with a BA in ASL and Missions Studies and a minor in Interpreting in the spring of 2016. Upon graduation, I transitioned from part-time to full-time as a VRS interpreter at Purple Communications here in Greenville, and I do a little freelance when I have the chance. I love interpreting because it provides me with new perspectives on what it means to be human and allows me a broader appreciation for the world at large. I also love learning new things, and that in our field we are constantly exposed to new information. When I'm not working, I enjoy exploring Greenville, hanging out with friends, and spending time with my fiance. I also have fun trying new recipes, playing with my puppy, and of course, watching Netflix. I am glad to be a part of the interpreting community here in South Carolina, and I look forward to working with you all in the days to come!

Samantha Hollifield

Samantha Hollifield (Glover) has been nominated for the SC RID board of directors treasurer position for the 2018-20 term. Samantha is still serving her 2016-18 term on the board as the SC RID secretary and enjoys the opportunity to give back to the state. Samantha attended Clemson University majoring in Modern Languages with an emphasis in American Sign Language, minoring in social sciences, while also completing the undergraduate educational interpreting program. In December 2015, she earned her BA in Modern Languages with an emphasis in ASL and went on to work in various school systems immediately following graduation. Samantha currently works at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind Division of Outreach Interpreting Services department as one of four full time staff interpreters. She currently holds a 3.9 rating on the Educational Interpreting Performance Assessment (EIPA) and was granted a testing scholarship by SC RID last fall to take, and pass, her NIC written examination. In the next year, she hopes to successfully pass the RID national certification performance examination. Samantha recently wed in September 2017 thus changing her former name, Glover, to Hollifield. Outside of interpreting she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking with her husband, and of course watching Clemson Tiger football. Samantha would like to thank the state of South Carolina for allowing her the opportunity to serve during the 2016-18 term alongside the many incredible people on the board of directors and hopes to do the same in 2018-20. 

Nominees for Member at Large:

Sarah Baker

Jason Hurdich

Pheona Kelly

Pheona Kelly is a native of Charleston, SC. She currently resides in Columbia, SC and is a full-time staff interpreter with the South Carolina Department of Mental Health in the Deaf Services division.  She also accepts after-hours, emergency interpreting assignments with DEAFinitely Taking Requests when possible. Pheona holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Benedict College, an Associate Degree in Interpreting from Spartanburg Community College, and a Bachelor of Arts in ASL-English Interpreting from the University of North Colorado Distance Opportunities in Interpreter Training (DOIT) Center. She has maintained active memberships with SCRID, SCAD and RID since she began her interpreting education in 2008. Pheona has a warm, friendly presence and enjoys helping others. She volunteers her time with Beginnings SC and at her son’s school.  Pheona has more than 20 years of professional experience with a Fortune 500 company and holds a wealth of knowledge, leadership experience, takes initiative and supports individuals and organizations in any way she can. Pheona enjoys family time with her husband, Artis and son, Austin (6). For real relaxation, she enjoys stealing away to oceanfront hotels to get lost in the beauty of the ocean and the relaxing sound of crashing waves. Pheona looks forward to the opportunity to serve the amazing interpreters of SC as our Member-at- Large, and says “Thank you’ in advance for your vote.

Nominee for Member at Large Interpreting Program Liaison:

Paige Jordan

Paige Jordan is a nominee for the ITP liaison position for the SCRID Board of Directors. Originally from Atlanta, GA, Paige is now a senior at Clemson University in Clemson, SC. She will soon be graduating in May with a Bachelor's Degree in Modern Languages and an emphasis in American Sign Language and a minor in English. She is also in the K-12 Educational Interpreting program at Clemson and is a member of the Clemson ASL Club. She will soon begin actively pursuing job opportunities as an interpreter for post-graduation. She is motivated to continue personal and professional development, and she is eager for leadership opportunities. 

Jennifer Florian

Jennifer Florian is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in American Sign Language with an emphasis on interpreting at Clemson University. She has interests in sociolinguistics and language acquisition and plans to pursue her Masters degree in one of those fields. She has been a a South Carolina resident for 18 years and interprets regularly at her local church under the supervision of Deaf mentors. 

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